Columbus and Cincinnati Overcome Obstacles: Flooding and Sewer Overflows

Columbus is on the move and ready for summertime fun and abundant outdoor activities. Whether it’s at the acclaimed Bicentennial Park or elsewhere, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. But apart from the splendor of the summer solstice, there are projects starting- and continuing- specifically on behalf of assisting neighborhoods caught in the deluge of the recent flooding. In light of these events, the city has a renewed commitment to improve the reliability of the sewer system. Some of these

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Full Steam Ahead! Check Out Perma-Liner Industries 2016 Events Line Up!!

Undoubtedly, you are still enjoying the many highlights that this time of year brings, but as the glory days of summer begin to wane, no worries! We’ve got some exciting events scheduled for you and they’re coming up right around the corner. Mark your calendars for these informative trade shows that you won’t want to miss! First up, Perma-Liner Industries is pleased to announce we’ll be in Milwaukee on September 12-13th for the WEQ Fair. This is the place to

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Provincial Town’s Evolved Sewer System

The city of Chillicothe is a city in Ohio surrounded by farming communities. The Utility oversees 106 miles of gravity sanitary sewer lines, and another 10 miles of force main lines.  In parts of the city, different areas have had their sewers installed at varying stages, using different materials that were considered appropriate at the time.  Parts of the system were initially installed in the 1930’s. In other areas, some pipes are more than 100 years old.  The up-to-date sections

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Lake Erie Advancement in Waterway Protection

Boating plays an integral part in Ohio recreation. On Lake Erie, boaters can explore the coastline, visit the islands and fish for walleye. On lakes and rivers, paddling and pontoon opportunities give people a chance to experience Ohio’s waterways up close. But with outdoor tourism come potential problems, such as oil and gas pollution, littering and other environmental damage. Currently, Ohio has been working on initiatives to implement programs to aid in keeping pollutants away from the waterways and natural

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Ohio’s 2016 Household Sewer Treatment Program

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has released the Water Pollution Control Loan Fund (WPCLF) funding agenda. The WPCLF funding program will offer up to $5 million in principal forgiveness funds to local health districts during 2016 for projects that will repair or replace failing HSTS (Household Sewer Treatment Systems). Ohio EPA will use a strategic process to score and award HSTS principal forgiveness projects.  Each local health district will be eligible for a maximum award of $300,000. Sewer treatment systems

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Tried and True Energy Savers for Ohio

There are a several ways residents of Ohio can save on energy costs during the winter months. Did you know that ceiling fans aren’t just for keeping cool? Reversing your ceiling fans to move clockwise, pushing hot air pooled on the ceiling back into your living space, can save you as much as 10 percent on your heating bill. A large portion of your energy budget goes toward heating and cooling costs.  You can save on every degree you lower

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Covington’s Sewer Lateral Recovery Plan

The City of Covington and the Wastewater department have implemented a sewer lateral repair program for its residents.  This program reimburses the homeowner for repair costs that are incurred for cleaning and maintenance of a defective lateral.  Due to limited funding, the city will prioritize projects based on the impact to public health and safety rather than on a first-come, first-serve basis.  If a home, or other building, is experiencing blockages or sewer backups, or if sewage is overflowing into

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Live Demonstrations Coming Soon!

LIVE DEMONSTRATIONS REGISTRATION JUNE 16TH – 18TH JAM PACKED WITH LIVE DEMOS & THE LATEST CIPP TECH. TUESDAY, JUNE 16TH THRU THURSDAY JUNE 18TH Don’t miss this three day event at our corporate facility in sunny Florida! This event will be jam packed with live demonstrations and the latest CIPP technology. Live Demonstrations: Perma-Main™ Continuous Lining Top Gun, Perma-Lateral™ Lining with Steam Cure, Sectional Point Repair, Pull In Place, Reinstatement Cutters and more! Show Specials: Specials will be announced during the event

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