Overflow Issues Not Solved Yet

Northside Cincinnati residents blamed recent sewage overflow and flooding on a city construction project meant to reduce such overflows. The Metropolitan Sewer District is working on a project that is meant to reduce overflows and is due to be complete by the end of summer. The project also includes two stormwater detention basins. Several feet of muddy water rushed through the streets and into several homes during a recent heavy rainfall. This could be a sign the project is not

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Cincinnati’s Smart Sewers Sensors, Robots: A Sign of the Times

Cities like Cincinnati are working smart, not hard. Many ingenious tools are being developed to aid in the maintenance of the sewer systems near and far. From electronic monitoring systems to sewer robots, it appears we are just at the tip of the iceberg when it comes to high tech systems. Notwithstanding the regularly scheduled maintenance, the city has invested in monitoring sewer levels- electronically. This is in line with the many efforts toward preventing overflows in the waterways. The

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Cincinnati’s Picturesque Park Undergoes Pipeline Reinstallation

Cincinnati parks are well known for their vast acreage, scenic trails, and mountain views. Along with hill-top views, there are many programs and annual events that play a role in making the parks a welcome place to visit for families. However, one such park, Cincinnati’s Friendship Park recently sustained a Combined Sewer Overflow due to a large section of the parkland shifting from soil erosion. This riverbank shift stems from a break in the 100-year-old stone sewer line. In a

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