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Provincial Town’s Evolved Sewer System

The city of Chillicothe is a city in Ohio surrounded by farming communities. The Utility oversees 106 miles of gravity sanitary sewer lines, and another 10 miles of force main lines.  In parts of the city, different areas have had their sewers installed at varying stages, using different materials that were considered appropriate at the time.  Parts of the system were initially installed in the 1930’s. In other areas, some pipes are more than 100 years old.  The up-to-date sections of the sewer system use PVC piping. Individual sections can come in lengths of up to approximately 20 feet, limiting the number of joints needed to hook sections together and reducing the risk of the line being compromised at the joints. PVC also tends to be resistant to problems, such as tree root intrusion into the line. Roots are known to create a complex problem, damaging the sewer system.

The city has two main powerhouses in the crusade to keep the system working well. One is a flusher truck, used to flush the lines, cut out roots, vacuum out rocks and debris, and is also useful for spot repairs. The other is a camera truck which offers the opportunity to run a camera through lines to look for obstructions. The city also recommends getting a check valve installed on the line going into the home. The valve should close in the event of a backup in the main lines, preventing entry into your residence.

Interesting fact:   The name Chillicothe comes from the Shawnee Chala·ka·tha, named after one of the five major divisions of the Shawnee people.

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