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Columbus and Cincinnati Overcome Obstacles: Flooding and Sewer Overflows

Columbus is on the move and ready for summertime fun and abundant outdoor activities. Whether it’s at the acclaimed Bicentennial Park or elsewhere, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. But apart from the splendor of the summer solstice, there are projects starting- and continuing- specifically on behalf of assisting neighborhoods caught in the deluge of the recent flooding. In light of these events, the city has a renewed commitment to improve the reliability of the sewer system. Some of these efforts will involve the installation of rain gardens and sump pumps in several residential areas of the city. Many cities today are implementing and enforcing a sustainable plan of action as a means to prevent future damages from wet weather events, inundating cities across a large section of the nation. As a result, sewer discharges have washed into the waterways during these heavy rainstorms. Columbus has implemented a step by step process, beginning with upgrades to treatment facilities, as well as the construction of a massive underground tunnel between the Jackson Pike Wastewater Plant on the South Side and the Arena District. Many of the outlined agendas are expected to be continuous for several years.

Cincinnati is also in the throes of similar initiatives. Comparatively, many homeowners have recently been met with a challenge due to, yet again, heavy and accumulated rain. The most recent downpour is being paralleled to a 50 to 100-year storm. The storm flooding endangered motorists, damaged roadways and flooded homes. Additionally, over two hundred sewer overflows have been disclosed.

Cincinnati and Columbus, Perma-Liner Industries would like to invite two great cities to a great summer event! If you missed our Open House this month in California, no worries! Come to our Delaware Open House next month! Stay tuned for all of the details. It’s taking place from July 18th-20th. We want to see you there, and as always, we’ll have our experienced crew demonstrating equipment and all the latest in CIPP. Make a plan to attend and see you then!