Restructured Sewer Systems are an Asset for Ohio Cities

Major cities throughout Ohio are at the start of, or just completing important sewer rehabilitation upgrades to enhance their respective cities. There have been many successes due to the collaboration of communities working together in order to prioritize infrastructure renewal, as well as pooling their resources. Some cities including Akron, Cincinnati, and Columbus, are currently reconciling the expense of major sewer upgrades and the financial funding that will be needed to provide such improvements. Many of these sewer rehabilitations will

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Tried and True Energy Savers for Ohio

There are a several ways residents of Ohio can save on energy costs during the winter months. Did you know that ceiling fans aren’t just for keeping cool? Reversing your ceiling fans to move clockwise, pushing hot air pooled on the ceiling back into your living space, can save you as much as 10 percent on your heating bill. A large portion of your energy budget goes toward heating and cooling costs.  You can save on every degree you lower

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