Erie Interceptor Express Sewer

The city of Springfield will begin the latest project which will likely cost millions to eliminate overflows into local waterways. The city council is set to approve the Erie Interceptor Express Sewer this month. The Express Sewer will mainly transport sanitary flows from the northwestern part of the city, directly to the Wastewater Treatment Plant in order to prevent sewage from bypassing treatment during rain events. Construction is expected to take up to two years with an anticipated completion date of

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The City of Olmstead’s Proficiency in Stormy Weather

Olmstead is putting in place an impressive $39 million capital improvement program.  Along with the ongoing maintenance and repair procedures, the North Olmsted team has flood management under much better control.  North Olmsted’s 37,000 residents are served by a separate sanitary sewer system that runs for 159 miles beneath this Cleveland suburb. Sewer lines, most of them installed well over forty years ago, consist of vitrified clay pipe ranging in diameter from 8 to 42 inches. The system contains 2,800

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Columbus Completes Tunnel Sewer Project

A 4.5-mile-long tunnel was just completed in Columbus to help deter storm water runoff that has been an issue for residents and motorists. The tunnel, located beneath downtown Columbus and the Scioto River, is nearly 200 feet deep and 20 feet in diameter. Crews used a 95-ton boring machine.  The $371 million tunnel, along with two odor-control facilities, is the largest capital project in the history of the City of Columbus. The tunnel project and upgraded treatment facilities will be

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